Valkyria has opened at Liseberg in Gothenburg, Sweden. Manufactured by B&M this new ride is the tallest and longest Dive Coaster in Europe.

Loke’s misdeeds have provoked the wrath of the gods, who are now plotting to defeat the evil giant once and for all. Prepare for battle under the watchful eye of the Valkyrie – the moment of reckoning is here.

After a 45 degree climb riders find themselves at the highest point, 164 feet in the air. Just as the train is about to go over the edge the train pauses and passengers are suspended in the air for a couple of seconds before they plummet vertically into the ground at speeds of over 60MPH.

It’s been a complicated project, but the end result has been worth all the wait in the world”, said Liseberg’s CEO Andreas Andersen. “We have built a new Liseberg icon – a new favourite for the guests that puts Liseberg and Gothenburg on the map and will attract visitors for years to come.”

Valkyria opened at 11AM this morning and the first train included several members of the European Coaster Club. One of the members said shortly after, “I have gone on over 500 roller coasters… Of all the dive coasters I have tried, Valkyria gets top marks.

This project has been one of Liseberg’s most expensive and complicated to date. Construction actually started in September 2016 and was only finished Spring of this year. Most of the construction delays were down to the large hole that needed to be dug for the rides first vertical drop.



The new style Dive Coaster trains hold 3 rows of 6 riders (18 in total) who sit with their legs dangling free. Soft shell style restraints (similar to B&M Wing Coasters like The Swarm at Thorpe Park) offer maximum comfort.

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