The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad Stunt Show is closing at Universal’s Islands of Adventure according to Attractions Magazine.

A spokesperson from Universal Orlando has told Attractions Magazine, “The ‘Eighth Voyage of Sindbad’ at Universal’s Islands of Adventure will run its last shows on Saturday, September 15th. As we continue to evolve our entertainment offerings, we will share updates along the way.

The epic stage show spectacular features pyrotechnics, lighting effects and fantastic sword fights. The show has been entertaining guests since the park opening on the 25th of May 1999.

Escape to a mysterious grotto where the mighty Sindbad and his wisecracking sidekick Kabob perform death-defying stunts in an attempt to rescue the beautiful Princess Amoura from the evil witch Miseria and her ghoulish henchmen. You’ll laugh, you’ll gasp, and you’ll cheer for the heroes as they face daring heights and fearsome foes. Chock-full of explosive pyrotechnics and stunning surprises, this swashbuckling skit will have you on the edge of your seat.

Once the stunt show closes, Poseidon’s Fury will be the last remaining opening-day attraction in the Lost Continent area of the park. Many of the other opening-day attractions around the park are still in operation, including The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk Coaster and Jurassic Park River Adventure.

Saturday, September 15 will be your last chance to experience the “Eighth Voyage of Sindbad” Stunt Show at Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure before it see it’s final curtain.

At the moment there has been no news from Universal as to what will replace this iconic Stunt Show spectacular.