After originally closing down in 2016, Ride Sims have announced that they will be returning in the New Year with a bucket load of new and exciting simulation content.

For those not in the know, Ride Sims is a website dedicated to recreating something many theme park fans can only dream of. The ability to take the reigns and operate some of the biggest and best rides from all over the world.

The simulations put you in the position of a senior operator, controlling maintenance, dispatching as well as all the other bells and whistles you would expect a ride op to have to deal with. One thing that sets Ride Sims head and shoulders above anything else in this regard is the exacting details they put into each simulation.

Simulations Already Confirmed For Ride Sims 2.0

  • Taron, Phantasialnd
  • WDW Monorail, Walt Disney World
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Disneyland Paris
  • Splash Mountain, Walt Disney World

New Challenges and Achievements

The team have also confirmed the implementation of a brand new points system. Previously the game’s leaderboards were dominated by those who were able to dedicate the most time playing the game. Ride Sims have shaken this system up a bit for 2.0 by including a range of unique challenges. You will still earn score (just like in the previous version) but now you can work towards a range of goals that once completed can be displayed on your profile as a badge of honour. There will be 46 challenges to work towards when the site launches.

Ride Sims California Screamin

Ride Sims California Screamin’ | 2016

What The Ride Sims Team Have To Say

We were lucky enough to be able to ask the team at Ride Sims a couple of questions about the re-launch.

Q: What was the reason you have decided to bring Ride Sims back now after nearly 3 years away? Was there something in particular that happened or did you just feel the time was right?

A: Good question, being enthusiasts ourselves we continue to travel the world riding our favourite rides and attractions and sometimes we just really want to learn more about them and bring them to life at home! A bit of home Imagineering you could call it. So now we’ve got through our studies and settled down we’re back bigger and better than ever before and as you said we think the time is right!

Q: You’ve already announced a couple of the sims that we can expect on Ride Sims 2.0 (Taron, WDW Monorail, Etc.), which of these are you most excited for players to experience?

A: I think it has to be the WDW monorail simulation. We’ve been building this one for a few years now trying to make it work! It was pretty challenging trying to give the user control of not just 1 ride station but 9 with 12 monorails able to run all at once! We know we had a lot of people asking about this simulation since we showed a teaser image all those years ago. The simulation has been rebuilt from the ground up multiple times and as they say 3rd time lucky… we got there!

Q: From the original Ride Sims site what was your all-time favourite sim to create? Also which sim did you most enjoy playing

A: That’s a tricky one, we’ve made a fair few between then and now. One of our favourites is still the Space Mountain Mission 2 sim. With it’s 5 train operation, dual station and isometric view, there’s something about this one that we always find ourselves falling back into playing when we have a spare 5 minutes! Our favourite one to create was probably the WDW monorail simulation as it is quite different to other simulations we had created before with users taking control of all 12 monorails, 9 stations and 3 lines is glorious isometric view.

Ride Sims Space Mountain Mission 2 2016

Ride Sims Space Mountain Mission 2 | 2016

We’re expecting more news in the coming days about the future of Ride Sims. One thing is for certain we can’t wait to have it back and it has been sorely missed. For everyone that missed out on the site the first time around, buckle up… Because you’re about to see some serious stuff. For all the latest updates remember to check back on CoasterGeek or on the Ride Sims website, Facebook and Twitter pages.