Frontier Devlopments have revealed that the lastest DLC coming to Planet Coaster will be based around The World’s Fair. The brand new collection will include over 360 new building and scenery items inspired by the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, China, and the USA.


The World’s Fair Pack also introduces a handful of other new attractions. Polarity, described as an “unmanned rapid transport system using magnetic forces to propel the coaster train”, and two new motorcycle coasters. These, known as the Jixxer and the Interceptor, feature new seat types that lean riders into corners.

Planet Coaster’s World’s Fair Pack will cost £7.99 at launch. Players will also receive the free 1.8 update to the game on the same day. This update will bring a range of new features and tools including:

Planet Coaster 1.8 Free Update


The PlanCo chefs have been working hard to prepare the most mouth-watering menus for the brand new restaurants you can now place in your parks! Have your guests get together for a yummy daytime or evening meal to enjoy in one of the fine establishments you choose to build. Restaurants are built very similarly to hotels by creating a restaurant facility that guests enter and increasing its capacity with additional expansions. You can of course dress it up to your liking or use on of the provided in-game blueprints. Once your guests have finished their meals, they will leave with a boost to their happiness, food, and drink rating – which will vary on what your restaurant offers and what your guests have bought. You can customise what your restaurants offer by choosing from the different in-game brands and creating a menu; the more items being served, the higher your running costs. You can increase the effectiveness of your restaurants using perks to attract different guest demographics and increase the star rating at restaurant sizes.

You can also play around with restaurant capacity very similar to how hotels work. Each box represents a group of 4 at a table, so if you place 20 boxes inside your restaurant, you have space for 80 guests to dine. Guests who have a meal at a restaurant will feel spoiled and luxurious, so do try them out for yourself!


We’re adding some extra vending machines, building on the ones that were released in previous update 1.7! You can now also expect to find Chief Beef, Hotdog Squad, Pizza Pen, Cosmic Cow ice cream, Mexcelente, Tiki Chiki, Monsieur Frites and Missy Good donuts. It’s looking like a yummy update already…


We’ve added more tags to better categorise and identify objects in the building menus for Planet Coaster. You can add your own tags to scenery and blueprints, or based on projects you’re working on, so that you can more efficiently find your more commonly used pieces. We’ve also created a Favourites category, which is an easier way to find the items you use all the time! You can now use the search bar to search for these tags, which should hopefully help with the endless scrolling for that one wall piece or, my favourite, the Dragon Poo.


All door animatronics have been changed in the game so that they have extra trigger options, and you can now open and close them as you please. This much-requested change allows you to perfectly time coaster doors with their coasters or tracked rides, right up until the last 100th of a second.


A host of new firework shapes including letters and Planet Coaster iconography are ready to shoot into the skies, and will give your park that extra spark of excitement.


Another much-requested feature, you can now customise the staff colours of the ticket booth staff and the ride operators! Time to make those green and purple aliens!


Lapping has been added to 38 coasters, which allows you to lap the train through the station multiple times! We’ve also improved the Operations Tab with a dropdown menu showing only the possible operations mode for a specific coaster: Standard, Lapping, and Block section.


You thought that was it? Think again! We’ve also removed the blue glow around selected scenery items, making it easier to change their colours; we’ve added new audio effects to the camera effects introduced in update 1.7, and triggerable speakers now have the option to change their pitch by trigger, meaning you can bend or snap to that pitch by up to an octave.