Frontier Developments have announced that they will be allowing players to add their own custom content to Planet Coaster with the new Thememaker’s Toolkit.

Custom content and mods have been one of the most requested features since the park builder launched back in 2016. This new ToolKit will work as a 3D pipeline allowing artists to create models and export them into the game. Once in the engine these custom models can be shared to the Steam Workshop for other players to download and use.

Some fans have raised concerned that this announcement may be an indication that Frontier will no longer be creating more DLC for the title. Although it has been confirmed that Planet Coaster is reaching the end of it’s development life cycle community manager Paul Crowther re-assured fans “This is about opening doors, not closing them.”

The release date is yet to be announced but fellow community manager Bo Marit has been confirmed that it will be available later this year.

Most of the details are still yet to be announced but Frontier has posted a basic FAQ on their forums:

What is the Thememaker’s Toolkit?

The Thememaker’s Toolkit is a Planet Coaster website that you can upload 3D models to. You can then set some game options for that model and download a version which is compatible with Planet Coaster. The created scenery item can then be shared on the Steam Workshop via the in-game functionality.

When is the update coming?

Thememaker’s Toolkit is part of a free update which will be released later this year.

How does the system work?

After creating your 3D model, you upload your .fbx file and its required textures to the Thememaker’s Toolkit website. There, you can set values like name, in-game price, scenery browser category, and default colours. The Toolkit will check for errors and automatically compile a file with your model and textures for the game.

The file then goes in C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Frontier Developments\Planet Coaster\TMT and will appear in the game, after which you can share it on the Steam Workshop for other players to enjoy.

The website also keeps a short history of the items you have uploaded, in case you want to go back to and download an earlier version.

What controls do I have over my items?

You can set the name, in-game price, running cost, browser categories, default colours, icon and placement sound when uploading your item on the Thememaker’s Toolkit website.

How can I share my items?

Once you are happy with your work, you can upload the model to the Steam Workshop via the in-game functionality. You take a screenshot of the model, exactly like what you do for blueprints, and it becomes available for download on Steam Workshop.

Can I use it if I don’t make 3D models?

You’ll need to have a 3D modelling program installed in order to use the Thememaker’s Toolkit. However, for players who are not able to use the Toolkit but are excited to try out new content, any new scenery items created via the Thememaker’s Toolkit can be shared via the Planet Coaster Steam Workshop.

What 3D models can I use?

You must upload a .fbx file with the textures for the file as .png. When the feature launches, we are expecting to support .fbx created in Autodesk Maya, but we are looking at other packages like Autodesk 3DS Max and Blender as well.

Will there be a tutorial?

We will be publishing user guides on the Thememaker’s Toolkit website once that is ready to launch.

Is there a limit to how many pieces I can make?

There is a limit to how many individual items you can keep available for download from the website. However, you can always delete them to make more room for new ideas.

What scenery items can I add?

You can create static and animated scenery items.

Can you create moving pieces like animatronics?

Yes. If your .fbx file contains keyframes, it will be animated and therefore triggerable.

Can I create my own rides?

No. Due to the complicated and technical nature of rides, the Thememaker’s Toolkit does not support making rides or coasters. However, there’s nothing stopping you from making creative use of the scenery, like animatronic cars or even more intricate ride skins!

What are the limitations of models we can create?

We will have more information on limitations closer to the release date of the Thememaker’s Toolkit, which will be later this year.

Does it support new particle and special effect options?


Will new lighting creations be supported?


How long does it take for me to import my model?

As this feature is still in development, this information will be released later. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Do I have to pay to use this feature?

No. Both the Thememaker’s Toolkit website and the update to Planet Coaster supporting it are free.

Will there be more themed packs like Vintage?

We currently have nothing to announce regarding future content packs in Planet Coaster. Please keep your eyes peeled on our forums, social channels, and newsletter for the latest information about the game.

Who will have ownership of the creation?

There will be a dedicated Terms of Service available on the Thememaker’s Toolkit website once that is ready to launch.

Will creations from other intellectual properties be allowed?

There will be a dedicated section in the Terms of Service on the Thememaker’s Toolkit website once that is ready to launch, as well as the already-in-place Terms of Service of the Steam Workshop which will apply.