This morning Efteling have announced that a brand new dueling family coaster will be coming to the park in 2020.

Manufactured by Mack Rides this new attraction will be located on the site of the park’s existing Bobsleigh Coaster. The ride has been built with a younger audience in mind and is rumoured to only have a 1m height restriction. Called Max & Moritz the coaster will be based on a series of famous German stories by Wilhelm Busch. The tales follow two misbehaving children that cause havoc in their village.

The new attraction will utilise much of the Swiss style theming as well as the station building that is currently being used by the Bobsleigh.

Bob has been one of the most popular attractions at Efteling for almost 35 years but with recent reliability issues and struggles to get new parts it looks like the park has decided to replace it with something a little more modern.

“The Bob is a popular attraction with its own character. I am happy that our guests will be able to make rounds in the roller coaster again this week, precisely because it often offers the first roller coaster experience for children. As long as we can guarantee the safety and comfort of the ride experience, the Bob will stay open. However, it has now become known that this will be for some time. The necessary adjustments for the future and the fact that similar roller coasters are no longer delivered, have led Efteling to find and find an alternative. ” Said  Coen Bertens, Park Director.

Fans of the Bobsled do have somewhat of a consultation as despite being closed for quite an extended period due to “Technical Problems” the park announced that the ride will be re-opening this week so that fans of the iconic attractions can take a trip down the slippery slopes for one final time.

In the same announcement Efteling also revealed that they will be opening an entirely new themed land in 2021. The area will include one large as well as a few smaller attractions and will be located next to the parks on site hotel.

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