SeaWorld Orlando have officially announced that they have removed VR from their Kraken Unleashed Roller Coaster.

“SeaWorld did make the decision to remove the VR element from Kraken in mid-August based on ride experience and guest feedback,” said a spokesperson from SeaWorld Orlando to Attractions Magazine. “We believe that most guests still love the traditional Kraken coaster experience. We are always evaluating new attraction opportunities for SeaWorld but we have no immediate plans to bring VR back to the park.”

The Virtual Reality experience “Kraken Unleashed” was only added to the ride last year and took riders on a deep sea journey that almost ends in disaster.

For a while adding VR to existing rollercoasters was the new big thing for parks all around the world. Including Galactica at Alton Towers (formally Air) and Pegasus at Europa Park. Sadly VR also brings with it a number of additional challenges including technical difficulties, motion sickness and considerably lower through puts (due to headset adjustment and cleaning). SeaWorld have not commented on their reasons for removal other than it was based on guest feedback.

Many thought amusement based VR would serve as a key way for the industry to bring guest’s new experiences at a fraction of the cost of building new attractions and coasters. Unfortunatly SeaWorld is just one of a number of parks to have already removed VR from their rides and it seems like it may only be a matter of time before other parks begin to do a similar thing.

Kraken is a B&M Floorless Coaster that has operated at SeaWorld Orlando since 2000 and at the time was the tallest and longest coaster in Florida.

Did you get chance to ride Kraken Unleashed? Are you disappointed that the VR experience is no longer or are you glad to this trend seems to be slowly fading away?