Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh USA has just announced plans for a new 3 acre expansion coming to the their park for the 2019 season. Themed around the 6 – times Super Bowl Champions, The Pittsburgh Steelers the new area will be called Steelers Country and feature a world’s first coaster: Steel Curtain as well as exclusive NFL merchandise, skill games and a new food location.

“This is a first of its kind collaboration between an amusement park and a pro sports franchise. What better place than Kennywood? What better team than the most successful team in America’s most popular sport…” Says Nick Paradise, Director of public relations and social media for Kennywood Park.

Steel Curtain will be the world’s largest S&S Custom Inverting Coaster that has ever been built and will also break a number of records when it opens next summer.

  • World’s Highest Inversion: 197 feet
  • North America’s Most Inversions: 9
  • Pennsylvania’s Tallest Coaster: 220 feet

The coaster features a number of airtime hills and inversions including: a Banana Roll, Dive Loop, Corkscrew and Top Gun Stall.

Nick continued, “It’s been a lot of work and a long time coming. We’ve been working towards Kennywoods next coaster for a long time here and there was some other plans that people may have seen online and a lot of speculation. Those were some pretty concrete plans at one point. Unfortunately due to planning and regulatory issues those plans fell through but we were certain that Kennywood wanted a new big coaster for 2019 and that’s when S & S stepped in with their bid to work with us to create Steel Curtain.”

Ground was broken on the site that formally hosted the Log Jammer (a popular water ride) on Thursday the 19th as Kennywood Staff and officials were joined by a former Steeler’s lineman Chris Hoke.

Other key facts we already know about Kennywood Park’s Steel Curtain:

  • Top Speed: 75mph
  • Ride Time: 120 seconds
  • Lift hill angle: 50 degrees
  • Passengers Per Train: 24

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