It looks like Paultons Park might be getting a world-class Spinning Coaster as part of their new Tornado Springs expansion.

For the last few months, the southern theme park has been teasing details of a new area coming to the park. Back in October Paultons logged a Trade Mark for the name “Tornado Springs“. Not long after, a number of new Twitter accounts for residents and business of the fictional town began interacting with one another on social media. This morning the local tourist board revealed plans to rejuvenate the area (below).

  • Join the storm chasers and revel in their quest to capture the perfect storm.
  • Tame the wild river and take an exhilarating ride down the breath-taking Buffalo Falls.
  • See traditional and not so traditional farming and power generation out in the crooked countryside.
  • Visit the legendary Al’s garage and test some of the latest drives.
  • Enjoy a taste of way out west at Jesse’s Route 83 Diner.

Tornado Springs Paultons Park

This gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect from Tornado Springs but eagle-eyed coaster geeks have spotted some extra details hidden in the poster…

There are quite a few rides dotted around the pictures but if you look carefully one of the most interesting is the Rollercoaster located behind the town itself. The combination of track and train design suggests that this could be a Mack Rides Spinning Coaster. The spinning nature would certainly fit the Tornado theme and would be another massive leap forward for the ever-growing park.

Tornado Springs Close Up

At the moment this is all purely speculation. But I suppose as we’re already speculating, why not speculate a little more?

Coaster track appears twice in the image, both graphics showing some sort of inversion. Could Paultons Park actually be looking at building a Mack Rides Xtreme Spinning Coaster (similar to Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City)?

If that is the case this would be massive news not just for Paultons Park but also the UK Theme Park industry. To have such a revolutionary and modern ride making its way on to UK soil would be a dream come true for many thrill seekers.

Paultons Park has been setting a high standard in recent years and I’m sure Tornado Springs will be no different. Prehistoric Kingdom opened in 2016 with 2 new coasters and some of the best themeing the UK has ever seen. However, the park still lacks a big attraction to bring in older audiences. Peppa Pig World has catered to young children and families since it opened in 2011 and has arguably helped propel Paultons massive growth in recent years. Prehistroic Kingdom introduced some larger coasters but they were still aimed predominantly at the family market (Flight of the Pterosaur & Velociraptor). If the park could bring in attractions to attract the Thrill Seekers then Paultons Park would finally be able to offer something for everyone.

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