Disneyland Paris’ Hotel New York was evacuated earlier and several people were taken to hospital after Chlorine Gas was reported in the building.

At around 12:30 this afternoon, a cast member preparing chemicals for the hotel swimming pool inadvertently mixed a number of the chemicals in the wrong order. This resulted in the release of chlorine gas in the immediate area. The pool and its vicinity were evacuated, as were a number of rooms in that wing of the hotel as an added precaution.

22 people (a mixture of cast members and guests) were seen by paramedics on the scene for various irritations. Three cast members and one guest were taken to a near by hospital but are understood to have now been released.

The fire service along with a hazmat team pumped out the offending chemicals and the area was declared safe at 5:30pm. Guests in the affected rooms have been offered a move to another room in a different wing if they so wish to.

The pool will remain closed until further notice while local authority and teams from Disneyland Paris can assess the situation.

Although not confirmed at this time it appears that the incident was an accident.

The Hotel New York is set to close towards the end of this year as it prepares to be re-themed to fit within the Marvel Universe. When the hotel re-opens it will be called Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel.

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